Luxury Institute: How a Simple Brand Health Assessment Can Reignite Your Business

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – March 06, 2018) – Luxury Institute recently conducted an internal review of its database of client projects throughout its 15-year history, during which it has conducted hundreds of quantitative and qualitative studies. The Institute has served more than one thousand brands in dozens of global luxury and premium goods and services categories. The key objective of the review was to identify the critical tools that successful brands use to remain adaptive and agile over long periods of time despite the volatility and complexity of the markets.

Luxury Institute and EIX: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Culture Process is Failing

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – February 13, 2018) – Brand culture is always top-of-mind for the most successful and innovative CEOs and senior leadership. In fact, some CEOs like to call themselves the Chief Culture Officer; and that is a worthy goal. Brand culture is a process, not a project. Projects end while culture processes must live in perpetuity. By default, or by design, every notable brand has an active culture, each with a preponderance of positive and negative beliefs and behaviors, with average brands existing somewhere in between. Creating a very special humanistic culture that delivers consistent high performance from headquarters to the front-line seems like an unattainable goal to many senior executives, especially at large brands. Many see a false trade-off between high humanity and high performance. Like Uber’s culture, a culture can be toxic, and drown many good people in its wake. If the toxicity is allowed to flourish, enough negative factors will converge to take the brand down with it. It remains to be seen how Uber will fare. One thing is certain: until Uber creates a socially responsible and ethical culture that delivers fair value for all of the members of its ecosystem, its full potential will never be achieved. This applies to every brand, in all types of industries.