The Vision and Goals of Bella Interiors

Brenda Newman, Founder

Brenda Newman, Founder

The business was the brainchild of Brenda Newman, who is a woman of many talents. Brenda has a degree in business and obtained a decorating certificate from the prestigious Oregon University. This only scratches the surface of her many accomplishments.

Still, one of the things that she is most proud of is her involvement in people’s lives. Helping people bring out the best of their homes and making their dreams come true is what she is driven by. Newman believes that all homes can be uniquely beautified, no matter the budget, size, or space. These words are part of the foundation of the business and what it represents to all of her satisfied clients.

Brenda is the kind of decorator who takes each client’s personality as a starting point to develop the overall design of their home. Brenda has pointed out that remodeling a home is all about adding a unique signature that can only stem from the family living within those walls. This is part of what makes a home’s renovation such an exciting process for her and her clients.

At Bella Interiors, we believe that you deserve a beautiful home. Our team of designers makes it our mission to provide beautiful home interior that has been expertly designed just for you.

Your vision and personality will be reflected in a functional design. With the help our team of interior designers, your home will be just as you imagined it.