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Welcome to Bella Interiors professional interior design and home remodeling in Oregon.

Bella Interiors has been featured on some of the most prestigious interior design websites and for good reason. The interior design company has been developing a reputation that only comes from providing excellent service. To understanding what a company like Bella Interiors can do for a home, one must take a closer look at who they are as a whole.

How Space Plans are Developed

Newman is a designer who not only wants you to understand space planning; she wants you to be involved in the entire process. This involvement will make sure you are fully aware of the changes being made to your living space. The key to a satisfied customer is one whose input is valued.

There are a few preliminaries that you do not have to worry about like figuring out your exact space measurements, which will be taken care of by Bella Interiors. You do not have to worry about the size of any furniture either. These measurements are important so that the decorator knows how much space he or she has to play with.

During our early assessment process, we’ll provide a thorough inspection of the home and identify any areas that need to be addressed prior to the renovation. We have general inspection partners and foundation inspectors at Foundationrepaireugene.org.

It would be best to avoid purchasing furniture until the overall space is understood to maximize the overall effect of a particular room.

What needs to be understood is that space planning is all about highlighting the right focal points and making sure you have enough space to feel comfortable. For example, the space between a sofa and a coffee table needs to be around 12 inches.

Bella Interiors will ensure that you enjoy the benefits of each room, such as natural lighting without sacrificing space.

The Inner-Workings Matter

Space planning is just part of what could be expected from an interior specialist like Bella Interiors. Another aspect that is planned beforehand deals with house renovations, like new plumbing or flooring if this is needed.

Take, for example, a home that has a restroom with a tub that is too large for the restroom. This may have to be removed and substituted with a stand in shower to maximize the space. This might mean that the flooring will need to be removed since tubs are usually heavy, and there is likely damage underneath. New flooring could also give you the opportunity to change the restroom’s overall look and feel.

The plumbing, in this example, will have to be reworked to ensure all the pipes reach the right places. Of course, this is just an example, but it is something that needs to be taken care of before the rest of the home is remodeled.

Another thing that could be drastically changed are the windows of your home. There might be a beautiful view right outside your window, but perhaps your opening is too small to really take in that view. This is the reason why considering a change would be smart. One popular change for those with a great view is called the garden window. The garden window protrudes from the home and is three-faced, with the middle-face being the largest. It gives the home a grand view of the entire area, which should look spectacular.

Of course, this just one idea; it really does depend on your particular home.

<strong>All the Niceties to Give a Home Character</strong>

Most homeowners are excited about this particular aspect of redesigning because it is when they can really get down and creative. There is a lot to consider when it comes to styling a home. This does not always mean new furniture, though it is sometimes preferable.

Still, in hope of saving money, you can always choose to reupholster or refinish some of the furniture that you already.

Painting is a big part of what you can expect when designing your home, especially if you are open to some accent walls or decorative design. For example, a kitchen with a pastel look could benefit from an accented wall, like one with alternate-colored bricks behind the stove area. This would definitely add a wow factor to your kitchen, not to mention help keep the warmth from spreading throughout your house. Bricks are very absorbent, though they are flame-retardant. It is a very smart, economical, and interesting addition to a kitchen.

Of course, this is just an example that might only work for certain kitchens.

Another thing that will be important is considering original works of art to add a little uniqueness to your home. You should remember that original works of art does not always means portraits. For example, if your home needs a little more light, you might consider handmade light sconces that can be peppered throughout the home. These light fixtures are a little different from what you might expect and give a home the right splash of chic.

Hopefully, what you can expect from Bella Interiors is a lot clearer, even though this is just a peek of what is offered by our interior design experts.